Examination & Promotions

Grade V to X
During the academic year, there will be four main written tests. A pre mid-term test, mid-term test, post mid-term test and Annual Examination.

Annual Examination (80 marks)
Conducted during March of every year.
(Student has to secure 33% marks) out of 80 marks in each subject covering 100% syllabus.

1) The Annual Examination (80 Marks)
2) Internal Assessment(20 Marks)

  1.  (Periodic test, Multiple assessment, Portfolio, Subject Enrichment (5 marks each ))

Open House
Open house program will enable the parents to meet the Principal and teachers to discuss student’s progress and collect the progress report.

Grade XI to XII

There will be three main written Examinations during the year.
1) First Term/Quarterly Examination. {Theory (70 marks) +Practical (30 marks) =Total (100 marks)}
2) Second Term/Half Yearly Examination. {Theory (70 marks) +Practical (30 marks) =Total (100 marks)}
3) Third Term/Annual examination {100% syllabus. Theory (70 marks) +Practical (30 marks) =Total (100 marks)}


Promotion Criteria
Student should secure minimum 33% marks in all subjects (separate pass required for theory and practicals) for promotion to higher grade.

CHILDREN WHO ARE ABSENT IN EXAMINATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED AS NOT QUALIFIED IN THE EXAMINATION CONCERNED. The school will not conduct retest other than the regular examination in any circumstances.