Mission & Vision

Established in 1991, over three decades of bumpy ride in the field, against all odds  the team sustained and succeeded to  maintain the integrity and it’s  Mission throughout.

More than a score of batches until now ,makes an approximate of 2000 Alumnus ,who enjoy their journey to life despite the unlikely situations  they face make us indeed very proud .


Unite through Education and Impact through Knowledge.


We create opportunities to empower and ignite young minds, to face real life situations, upholding the traditional values and culture.

The traditional values we instill are neutral to religion and above  politics. This primarily enables the children to identify their duties, encourage them to respect the elders, help them with the  importance of faithfulness, sincerity and keeping the word in their lives. The most important thing is  when they fail, resolve to do better ..

A kid who joins us in the kindergarten is raw and like an uncut diamond, the act of polishing happens with our dedicated team who specializes in demonstrating the culture of sharing, caring, speaking, listening, responding and the list continues. we believe culture as a system, the institutional hierarchy and the different level of its stakeholders symbolises it. Our  teamwork  helps  our children to meet their  societal requirements in a stunning way.