Word from Principal

Principal-Sree Narayana Vidyapeetam Public School.

M.R Rakhy Prince

Dear parents, students and staff,

Welcome to yet another academic year full of events. A school is more than its building, infrastructure and landscape. The mindset, mindscape and attitude of the people involved make it more adorable and attractive. We in our school believe that beyond the four walls of the classroom, the relationship between the teacher and the taught through intellectual transactions, and cultural as well as emotional sharing makes one a perfect human being. We also believe that inculcating traditional values without compromising the trends and progressive thoughts, converting the uncut, raw gems to polished and stunning young citizens enabling them to face life makes the true sense and meaning of the classroom.

Help obtain students’ holistic skill through active and sustainable leadership programs.
Every school is uniquely designed to cater the vision requirements. If we make a
‘SWOT’ analysis, luckily we identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and

Like a well-oiled machine, ‘Team’ based school works at its best. So the task is the
Team’, it’s not going to just be ‘Me’.

The major challenge in the school climate is to give respect for every member of the
school community.
1. No blame professional environment boost up the morality of the teachers.
2. Continuous professional learning will help the teachers to become more confident.
3. The spontaneous class room observation make the professional growth of the
teachers easier and also help them to get direct and immediate feedback.

It’s highly imperative and important for the teachers to learn from the beginning of their
career and continue the process of learning throughout.
In our school, we prioritize:

1. Sound academics.
2. Self-discipline.
3. Life skills and multimedia skills.4. Sustainable environment programs.
5. Active physical education.
6. Exposure across all areas of art.
7. Student leadership.
8. Decision making skills.
9. Community programs.
10. Professional development for teachers.